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Are you looking for a way to clean up your iTunes library without having to actually do any of the work? TuneUp Media has an amazing program that does all the work for you. It digitally listens to your music to identify each song, so it doesn’t even matter if you have songs labeled “track 01” or “unknown artist”

Not only does it fix all your song information automatically, but it also now can remove your duplicates with the brand new deduper tool. It doesn’t just identify songs by name, but actually compares songs using it’s acoustic fingerprint technology.

Once you have all your songs labeled correctly and organized neatly, you can then go back and have it add in any missing album artwork.

15% Off TuneUp Promo Code

Here is some more information about TuneUp. It works by plugging into your iTunes or Windows Media Player library and has a really simple, intuitive interface. You can start it up and push a button to get your songs organized, no instruction manual necessary!

What sets TuneUp apart from other iTunes organizing software is that it actually uses an advanced acoustic fingerprinting technology to digitally listen to your songs to identify them. Each song has a digital DNA and TuneUp compares this to Gracenote’s MusicID™, which is the largest database of music metadata in the world.

If you have ever used Shazam on your smart phone to identify a song, this is the same technology that TuneUp uses to identify and label songs correctly. So this means if you had a song in your library that never got labeled and just says “track 01” or “unknown artist,” it won’t matter. Those songs will get labeled automatically using the digital DNA.

The “clean” feature will go through and organize all the songs in your iTunes library at the click of a button. It labels all the songs that were missing information, fixes misspellings, and because it actually writes this data to each track’s ID3 tags, you will never have to fix the same song twice.

Some software just fixes the labels in iTunes, but doesn’t actually fix the track’s tags in the original file, which means if you were to add the music back into the library again, it would need to fixed again. You don’t have to worry about that with TuneUp though, and that is a really nice feature.

Once you have used the “clean” feature to organize and label all your songs, you can then run the “cover art” feature to add cover art to all your songs. This can really transform your music library and bring it to life. No more gray music notes to look at.

Another great new feature is the “deduper” tool. With this powerful tool, you can go through your entire library and streamline by removing all the duplicate tracks. You can remove all duplicates with one click, or if that scares you and you like to have more control, you can review all your duplicates one by one.

The “deduper” feature is really great because it actually allows you to compare songs by the bit rate as well as the original file location. Plus, it uses the same acoustic fingerprint technology as the “clean” feature to actually compare songs by their digital DNA rather than just comparing them by name.

Finally, TuneUp has some interactive features that are great for music lovers. Whenever a song plays in your library, you will be able to access tons of related information, such as music videos, artist bios, news about the artist, and more.

One of my favorite features is that it sends you concert alerts. You will never have to miss your favorite band because you will always know when they are coming to your town. Concert alerts will be sent to you based on all the artists in your library, so you will always be the first to know when your favorite artist is coming to town.

If you want to try it out for yourself to enjoy all these great features, you can save 15% off by using this TuneUp promo code:

15% Off TuneUp Promo Code

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